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Want a Miracle on 34th Street? You need Mango!

Mrs Walker watched the line of children slowly moving forward as they met Santa Claus.

All the children looked excited and happy, and she noticed how delighted they were when they left.

“Kris Kringle is doing a wonderful job as our Macy’s Santa Claus,” she told the head of the toy department, Mr Shellhammer.

He humphed.

“But he doesn’t suggest the overstocked toys like I told him to,” he said, in an exasperated tone.

Mrs Walker smiled.

“Well, each one of those grown ups is now a loyal Macy’s customer and every child will bring their own children in time. You can’t buy that!” she replied.

Mrs Walker went back to her office. There was paperwork everywhere. Staff records, certificates for the city council, insurance…

She sighed. If only everything went as well as hiring Kris Kringle. What she needed was a Miracle on 34th Street!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, some day in the future, they could invent a machine to store all this information in one place?

What if all the staff could access it wherever they were without bothering her in her office when she was working on the next Macy’s parade?


Kris Kringle appeared at the doorway. He smiled.

“I wonder what you’d like for Christmas, Mrs Walker,” he said with a smile.

She grinned back. “Aren’t you on your break? You don’t have to grant Christmas wishes on breaks, you know…”

Kris laughed.

“I bet you’d like something to help with all this paperwork, wouldn’t you?”

Mrs Walker looked shocked.

“You’re reading my mind!” she said.

“Doesn’t take a mind reader to come to that conclusion,” Kris replied. “I’ll put my best elves on it!”

Mrs Walker laughed. “I bet that might take a while,” she said.

“Oh, about 65 years and it’ll be called Mango,” Kris muttered.

“Pardon?” Mrs Walker said.

Kris beamed: “I’d better get to work. Lots of excited children out there ready to meet the real Santa Claus…”

As he left, Mrs Walker’s brow furrowed. Surely he doesn’t think he’s the real Santa, she thought. No…he MUST be joking…


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