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Two Doors Down from buying a new franchise? Mango will help you get organised

Cathy glared at Michelle.


“Well, if you feel like that, Michelle, you won’t want to come to the luxury spa with us this weekend!” she snapped.


Beth rolled her eyes.


“Come on, Cathy, there’s no need for that!”


Cathy humphed and said: “Colin and I are thinking of buying the spa franchise so we thought we’d try it out ourselves first.


“I suppose it would be good to get your view on it Michelle, as a potential customer. It’s pointless asking Beth what she thinks!”


Beth looked offended and shrugged her shoulders.


Michelle smiled and tried to calm things down.


“I think a girls’ trip to the spa would be lovely, Cathy. We can all go,” she replied.




Cathy, Michelle, and Beth lay on loungers near the pool wrapped in white robes. Cathy sipped a cocktail.


“This is the life, eh?” she said.


“Imagine coming to work here every day…”


Beth smiled.


“Well, not just here but the whole chain. Or a new franchise site,” she said.


Cathy snorted: “All right, Beth! Here or somewhere just like here.”


Michelle stretched and said: “There’s so much to think about, though. Being able to enforce the strict franchise rules, health and safety, training, and the new Martyn’s Law coming in to protect the public…”


“Yes, yes, I know. It’s a lot of paperwork and training,” said Cathy.


“Colin’s already talking to experts at Penarth Management about what we need to do. The current franchise owners recommended them for things like getting our ISO standards for health and safety, the environment, and dealing with customer data.


“Plus, with Martyn’s Law, all the franchise sites will have to comply with the new rules to protect the public and combat terrorism.”


Beth looked surprised: “Even in a spa?”


Cathy nodded her head: “Aha, yes. Every venue with a capacity of 100 people or more will need to know the rules applying to them. They’ll need to ensure staff are trained, there’s a detailed risk assessment, and an effective plan in the event something does happen.”


Beth sipped her drink.


“Why’s it called Martyn’s Law?” she asked.


Cathy answered: “It’s named after Martyn Hett, one of the 22 victims of the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017. The aim is for businesses to do their bit to help combat terrorism.”


Beth sighed.


“What happened in Manchester was  terrible,” she said.


All three nodded.


“I know it’s a lot of paperwork but Colin says he has a solution,” Cathy said.




Michelle shrugged: “Fruit? But this is Scotland!”


All three laughed.


“No! Online compliance software called Mango,” Cathy said.


“It keeps all our records in the cloud so all the staff and franchisees can access it wherever they are. All they need is an internet connection.”


Michelle nodded: “Sounds just the job, Cathy. Now, how about some mango to add to our pina coladas?”


Cathy laughed.


“Aye, that’ll be perfect just now…”



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