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The Show Must Go On!

The need for business continuity was highlighted again today when one of our tutors was part way through delivering a Level 2 Health and Safety course and was struck down by illness. 

The course was one of a series of five one day courses, each with between 14 and 20 delegates. We’d delivered one, but this was the first of three back to back days. Fortunately, two other members of the team had been briefed and were familiar with the course content. A little bit of diary juggling later, and we were able to arrange one of our tutors to assist in the delivery of that course, and to take over the remaining days. By having a team approach, we were able to cause minimum disruption to our client. Meanwhile, our tutor was able to rest up in order to recover and thereby return to work faster than if he’d attempted to persevere with the course delivery.


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