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Managing buildings is a serious business

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Buildings management comes with a big responsibility, whether you're managing a factory, hotel, housing assocition, office block, sheltered living scheme, shop, university accommodation, warehouse or any other kind of property, there's a huge list of planned maintenance jobs to be undertaken to ensure compliance with relevant health, safety and environmental obligtions. The requirements are often laid down in law.

Things like:

  • Checking the contents of first aid boxes

  • Checking spill kits

  • COSHH Assesments

  • Electrial installation tests

  • First aid training

  • Fire Evacuation Drill

  • Fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance

  • Fire Risk Assessment

  • Ladder inspections

  • Legionella testing

  • LOLER inspections for passenger lifts

  • Maintenance of air conditioning units

  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

  • Refresher training

  • Risk assessments

  • Test emergency lighting

  • Waste disposal (controlled and hazardous)

will all feature in that list of regular tasks - along with a whole lot more.

But then on top of that staff, residents, tenants or members of the public may all report reactive issues to the Buildings or Facilities Manager. Things as varied as:

  • Blocked toilet

  • Broken light switches

  • Fire doors not closing

  • Oil spillage from a vehicle in the car park

  • Passenger lifts not working

  • Pigeon in the foyer

  • Security barriers not opening in the car park

  • Waste bins overflowing

Those reactive issues also need to be dealt with, and often, they need doing quickly.

Can you imagine trying to manage all of this (and knowing who to call to tackle it all) via spreadsheets, emails, bits of paper, post-it notes and using social media like What's App? Neither can we! But it's often the case that until there's a proper system in place, one that makes it easy to capture all of these issues in one central place, that organisations will go on struggling with a disjointed system (with the risk of missing something along the way).

But once they implement Mango, property managers find that they are not only legally compliant and have greater visibility of the status of all these jobs and who they're assigned to, but we hear the magic words:

"Mango makes life so much easier."

That's what we like to think of as the Mango Magic!


Want to check out the Mango magic for yourself? Book your free demonstration to see for yourself just how much easier Mango could make your life!


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