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Keep an eye on 'elf and safety' at home this Christmas!

The line between our home and workplace has become blurred this year as thousands of us work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, instead of just thinking about health and safety in the office, shop, factory, or warehouse, it’s time to think about a little home ‘elf and safety’!

Here’s our advice for a safe and peaceful Christmas:

  1. 1. Keep your floors clutter free and mop up any liquid spills – Trips and slips are a real threat and could mean a trip to accident and emergency. This time of year, there are likely to be presents left on the floor, pine needles dropped onto hard floors, and we’re doing more cooking than normal which can lead to spills.

  2. Turn off lights and computer equipment when you go to bed – The risk of a fire is heightened at Christmas. So, turn off computer equipment and make a point of turning off Christmas lights. Make sure any candles you use are never left unattended.

  3. Water your real Christmas tree well – Your tree could become very dry and be prone to catching fire. So, water it well to reduce the risk and look at having a growing tree in a tub.

  4. Test your Christmas lights – They spend 11 months of the year in the loft or shed. So, give them a visual examination to look for fraying or breaks in the wire. Replace them if they show signs of wear and tear on the cables or plugs.

  5. Watch out for choking hazards – Children are prone to put small objects in their mouths and could choke on them. So, look out for hazards on toys and decorations. Be especially careful with button batteries which can cause serious gastrointestinal damage if swallowed.

  6. Be careful when on ladders – Ensure your ladders to the loft, step ladders, and stools used to decorate the tree are stable.

  7. Test your smoke alarms – Make sure they’re ready for the festive season.

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