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Is your business in danger of becoming a cyber security dinosaur like Jurassic Park?

John Hammond took the tour group to the main control room.

“Everything is run from here, all the security is computerised, so everything is safe. All the carnivorous dinosaurs are contained in pens with electric fencing. They can’t escape,” he said.

The chaos theorist snorted.

“You think you can control these things but I’m afraid you cannot. Life finds a way,” Ian Malcolm said.

Dennis Nedry smiled to himself as he worked on the nearby computer.

Little did Hammond know that by tomorrow morning, he would have lost control of his scientific discoveries and Nedry would be a very rich man.

“That chaos theory guy is SO right,” he thought to himself.

“All I need to do is get to the embryo storage room, steal a fertilised embryo, stash it in my shaving cream can, and get the heck off this island.

“Getting away isn’t the problem. Getting into that room is the thing I need to overcome…and I’m going to have to take down the security system to do that.”

Dr Grant sat in the tree branch and watched the shocked children trying to sleep.

The power outage had stopped the tour vehicles and let down the electric fences to many of the dinosaur pens.

He could still feel the earth shaking the way it did when the Tyrannosaurus Rex attacked.

Such a simple thing, the power going down. How could Hammond not have thought about this scenario? How could he not have back-up power in place? And who had taken the power down? It seemed like someone had just switched the whole thing off…

Hammond had trusted his systems and his people too much.

Malcolm was right. Life had found a way to create chaos!

What Hammond needed was an external consultant who could see the holes in his systems, especially his security systems. They could even recommend a good online system for managing all the information to ensure security was tight. Like Mango – that’s an excellent system!

The damage has been done now, though, Dr Grant thought.

Today, it’s all about making it back to safety…

To find out more about how your organisation could banish the cyber security dinosaurs with Mango, book a free demonstration which will be delivered via Zoom.


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