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Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s Superman…and Mango!

Lois Lane put down the latest copy of the Daily Planet and pushed her chair back from the desk.

“Did you see my scoop on Superman saving thousands of lives by foiling the attack on the arena planned by Lex Luthor and his henchmen?” she asked.

Clark fiddled with his glasses.

“Umm, yes Lois, I did. It’s a great story. You did it again!”

Lois smiled.

“I did, Clark! Well, technically, Superman did it, but he’s not here to claim the credit!”

Clark coughed, and Lois went on…

“I’ve been thinking, though, about the security risks all large venues face. Superman can’t be everywhere at once. The threat from terrorism means arenas and sports stadiums need to do their bit and be prepared to keep people as safe as possible.

“They’re doing something about it in Britain, too. There’s a new law coming into force soon called Martyn’s Law.”

Clark looked up and asked: “What’s that?”

“It’s named after Martyn Hett who was one of the 22 innocent people who died in the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing. Public venues like arenas, stadia, and shopping malls will have to ensure they have trained staff and detailed plans to help prevent attacks and cope in the event one does take place.

“Venues will have to show things like what security measures are in place, how staff will communicate, and what training they have undergone. Larger venues with a bigger crowd capacity will have to do more than smaller ones, too.

“My cousin Jodie is a specialist in these matters, so I called her up at her health and safety consultancy Penarth Management to get some background. She’s helping her clients get ready for the new law using online compliance software called Mango.

“I think the Planet should campaign for the same law here. What do you think?”

Clark nodded.

“That sounds like an excellent idea. I’m sure Superman would approve and get on board. Everyone needs to do their bit and even a small piece of information could help to save lives.

“After all, Lois, not all heroes wear capes like Superman, do they?”

Lois smiled.

“No, Clark, they don’t. They don’t wear tights, either!”

Clark laughed and turned back to his screen.

‘So she likes my tights…’ he thought with a grin.


You can find out more about Martyn’s Law (the Terrorism (Protection of premises) Bill), hot off the press, here:

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