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How Wonder Woman used Mango to beat the bad guys

Ares screamed in frustration and threw his laptop across the room. It shattered against the wall.

“I’m the god of war who wants to wipe out humanity and I can’t even wipe out the spectators at a football game!”

His face was red with fury. He turned to his assistant and snapped: “Who did this? Who warned them about the attack? Was it her?”

The assistant shook in fear.

“Wonder Woman?”

Ares threw his cup against the wall.

“Don’t call her that! These idiot humans call her that. Her name is Diana and she’s my half sister, not some mythical heroine!”

The assistant apologised.

Ares turned to face the window overlooking the city. The rain was lashing down on London.

“Well?” Ares asked.

The assistant shook his head.

“Not exactly. She’s been working with the owners of the arena and health and safety consultants at Penarth Management to help them get ready for a new law here.”

Ares sighed.

“Go on, what new law?”

The assistant showed Ares his tablet.

“This is it, Martyn’s Law, named after Martyn Hett who was one of the 22 inncocent people who died in the Manchester Arena attack in 2017.”

Ares read the news story.

“Hmm. They’re requiring security plans for venues where there will be crowds, proper training for staff, plans for communication in the event of an attack, and designated people to oversee inspections. Interesting. That will cause us a few problems.”

His assistant nodded: “It seems that a security guard who had already been trained for the new law saw one of our men and thought he was behaving suspiciously. Our man had been finding out the lie of the land for us.

“Diana used her lasso of truth to make our man tell them the plans, so the police raided our warehouse, arrested the rest of our team, and confiscated all the weapons.”

Ares glared.

“Seems these humans aren’t as stupid as I’d thought,” he said.

“And where’s my half sister now?”

The assistant grimaced.

“She’s at Penarth Management learning how to use online compliance software called Mango. That will help venues like football stadiums and concert halls stay on the right side of the law when the new regulations come in soon.

“You can manage your documentation with it, cutting down on paperwork, and all the team can access it wherever there’s an internet service.”

Ares laughed.

“Are they finally getting online in Themyscira? It’s about time! She’ll be getting a website next…”

Ares sighed and sat down in his leather armchair.

“Bet the domain is already gone…”

His assistant smiled.

“We’ll, you did buy it up ten years ago, Lord Ares…”

Ares smiled back: “Yes I did!”


You can find out more about Martyn’s Law (the Terrorism (Protection of premises) Bill) here:

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