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How medical manufacturers can simplify their compliance – Batteries Not Included!

Mason closed up the café for the night and put his arm around Marisa.

“Another fantastic day. Frank and Faye would be so proud that things are still going so well in their business,” he said.

“OUR business now!” Marisa reminded him.

“I’m sure they’re up there somewhere looking down on us and making things work well for us,” she added with a sigh.

“It’s been so long since they passed away. Our kids have grown up and left home. Joe is doing so well in the NYPD and Faye Junior is loving her job at the art gallery.”

Mason laughed.

“Just like her father, that one! Don’t forget Frank Junior, too. He’s doing really well at that medical device manufacturer, though he does tell me there are so many rules and regulations they have to follow that he’s drowning in paperwork.”

Marisa sighed again.

“It’s a pity they don’t have the Fix-It family to help them like we did in rebuilding this café,” she said.

Mason nodded.

“It is. Sometimes, I think back and wonder if we imagined it all, but then I remember the threats against us, the landlord trying to get us out, the little flying robots, their children, and how they all cam together to put this building back together after the arson attack. I wonder what happened to them after they left us. I wonder where they went…”

Marissa replied: “Nowhere on this planet, that’s for sure. We’d have heard about it, especially now we have the internet and social media.”

There was a loud knocking on their door.

“We’re closed!” Mason shouted.

A face appeared at the window.

“Dad, it’s me!”

Mason opened the door and hugged his son, Frank.

“We weren’t expecting you until Sunday! What are you doing here?”

Frank laughed.

“That’s nice, Dad! Can’t a son come to see his old parents?”

Marisa flicked a towel at him.

“Less of the old!”

Frank laughed.

“I have lots more time on my hands these days thanks to Mango.”

Mason shrugged.

“Well, I love to eat it too, but it doesn’t allow me to time travel…”

Frank shook his head.

“No, the online compliance software Mango. I can store all the company’s documents on it, it gives me alerts when annual checks are due, there’s an audit trail if there’s an inspection, and all the staff can access it from wherever they need to because it’s in the cloud.”

Mason looked up.

Frank laughed: “Very funny, Dad. You know the cloud works on Wi-Fi and can be accessed anywhere there’s internet. Even this café!”

Mason smiled.

“Well, I’ll give your staff the Wi-Fi password if they buy lunch here. It’s only fair, son…”

Frank replied: “Thinking of the bottom line, Dad, I like it.”

Marisa put her arm around Frank’s shoulder.

“If it means we get to see our youngest son more often, I’m all for Mango,” she said.

“Now, Frankie, we have some left-over cherry pie, and I know it’s your favourite…We’ll make something with a real mango tomorrow to celebrate.”

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