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How do I know what legislation applies to me?

Where do you begin?

There is a lot of legislation in force already. New legislation is also being processed all the time. This can make it a challenge to identify relevant legislation and to keep up with the changes.

All too often we have seen examples of organisations struggle to identify what is relevant in the first place and they either don’t pick up on all topics or they list every piece of legislation without understanding how or why it applies to them.

Free information

There are useful free sources of information and guidance. Examples include:

Industry requirements

Depending on your industry, you may find additional information in industry specific sites. Examples include:

Relevant industry trade associations (which will normally require a fee) may also provide useful updates tailored to suit the needs of their members. Here's just a few examples that we know of:

Document relevant legislation

Understanding the requirements, deciding what is relevant and documenting this and the associated tasks can be daunting. For anyone attempting to do this themselves we would recommend having a structured approach and we’re providing free access to templates in Word or Excel format to help produce your compliance register.

Consultancy support

For many organisations, it can be more cost effective to engage consultants to help with this task. Consultants have the advantage of working with legislation on a regular basis and we often find that we've encountered legal requirements that our clients simply haven't (or wouldn't have) thought of.


Do you need help identifying or keeping up to date with changes in legislation? Contact us on 029 2070 3328 or send us an email to to discuss your requirements.

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