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Grease is the word? No, Mango’s the word for the stressed-out principal of Rydell High

Rizzo elbowed Frenchie in the ribs and said: “Look who's coming. Patty Simcox, the bad seed of Rydell High…”

Patty smiled as she reached them.

“Hi!” said Rizzo.

“Oh I just love the first day of school, don't you?” Patty asked, glowing with the anticipation of the new school year.

Rizzo’s sarcasm dripped off her as she replied: “It's the biggest thrill of my life.”

Another year, another bunch of lost sheep to herd, Principal McGee thought as she strode past to her office, sighing.

How on earth was she going to cope with the paperwork for the football team, cheerleaders, the parts for the auto shop class, on top of student records, teacher files, building maintenance records…?

Being a school principal is so exhausting!

She sat down behind her desk and called in her secretary.

“Has Coach Calhoun made a list of all the equipment the football team needs this year?” Principal McGee asked.

The secretary shook her head.

Coach Calhoun – big on inspirational speeches, not so big on the details…

“What about the auto shop, has their list been made?”

The secretary shook her head again.

“If they don’t get it to me soon, Danny and Kenickie will be polishing the chrome on my car instead of fitting gears!”

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in!” the principal said.

Frenchie and another girl came through the door.

“Principal McGee, this is Sandy, she’s new in town,” Frenchie said.

“Ah, yes, the new student! Now where are those records?”

Principal McGee opened her filing cabinet and pulled several files from the top draw.

“We can hardly fit our student records in here, we’ll have to get a bigger filing cabinet and I’ll need a bigger office!” she said.

Frenchie coughed.

“Principal McGee, Cha Cha here hurt her ankle dancing in the yard…”

Cha Cha appeared in the doorway, limping.

“OK, that means an accident report form and a visit to the Rydell High nurse…Now where are those darned forms?”

The girls shuffled as the principal and her secretary opened desk drawers.

“Ah! There they are!” Principal McGee said.

A few minutes later in her empty office, Principal McGee closed her eyes and wished for a time when a busy school or college could find exactly the paperwork they needed at the touch of a few buttons, a time when paperwork didn’t overwhelm the principal’s office, and she could see all the information she needed whenever she liked, even when she was at home.

“Now, that would be heaven, wouldn’t it?” she sighed.

There was another knock on the door. Her secretary came in.

“Principal, National Bandstand want to broadcast live from our school dance…”

The principal laughed.

“Bet there’s a whole bunch of paperwork that comes with that!”

The secretary nodded.

“Yes, I’m afraid so, principal. Here, have a little fruit to see you through until lunch. It’s mango.”

Hmm, nice name for that paperwork heaven, the principal thought. Mango!


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