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Fame is a lot of hard work for the students – and so much paperwork for the teachers!

Doris looked down at her clothes and up at the sign, it read the New York High School of the Performing Arts.

She couldn’t believe she was finally here. Finally on her way to making it as an actress, like Barbra Streisand.

In the cafeteria, the thin guy smiled at her and said: “I’m Montgomery.”

She smiled back weakly, overwhelmed by the other students singing, dancing, playing instruments, and banging on the tables.

“Hi, I’m Doris, Doris Finsecker. I feel so ORDINARY next to these guys…”


In the dance department, the dance teacher Lydia Grant welcomed her new intake of students.

“You've got big dreams, you want fame. Well fame costs, and right here is where you start paying; in sweat,” she told them.

Leroy and Coco finished their stretches and took their positions.


In the music department, Bruno was sparring with Mr Shorofsky.

“Strings are on the way out,” he said.

Mr Shorofsky replied: “One man is not an orchestra.”

Bruno answered with: “Who needs orchestras? You can do it all with a keyboard, an amp, and enough power… You don't need anybody else.”

Mr Shorofsky sighed: “That's not music, Martelli.”


In the English department, Mrs Sherwood was staring at a mountain of paperwork in front of her.

“Essays, test scores, progress reports…there’s so much paper on this desk! I should be teaching these kids about Shakespeare and Arthur Miller, but instead I’ll be wading through all this…”

The principal walked through the open door.

“I hear you! I have building maintenance reports, safety certificates, accident reports, information to show we meet food safety rules in the cafeteria…and if anyone needs it when I’m not here, they must spend hours tracking it down when they could be teaching.”

Mrs Sherwood nodded. “There has to be a better system to run a school than multiple pieces of paper!”

Mr Shorofsky joined them.

“According to Mr Martelli in my music class, we’ll be doing everything on computer soon. That should cut down on the amount of paperwork!”

Mrs Sherwood said: “I hope so, but we’ll still have the problem of multiple people needing to access a report or certificate at the same time. And if we expand to another site, they’d have to use the subway to come here and get the disks.”

Mr Shorofsky scratched his head.

“Yes, a system where we could all access the information we need whenever we needed it, and wherever we were, would be such a help to a school like ours.”

The principal agreed.

“An immense help to any school or college. Let’s hope we can create something as good as this in the next few decades!”

Mr Shorofsky laughed.

“It’ll be too late for us, I bet! We’ll be long retired.”

Lydia Grant joined them.

“Hey, speak for yourself! I’ve got a lot of life left in me and a lot of teaching! Who knows, one day I might be the principal…”

Mrs Sherwood smiled.

“Well, Ms Principal, if you had a system like this with central storage that could be accessed by everyone, what would you call it?”

Lydia smiled.

“I’d call it after my favourite dessert, Mango.”

Mr Shorofsky laughed.

“What a quirky name…I love it!”


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