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Fleabag, what your sister needs is some Mango in her life!

Fleabag looked at her sister’s terrible haircut and looked back at the camera.


“Hair is everything,” she said.


Claire sniffled on the park bench. 


“Come on,” Fleabag said. “We’re going to see Anthony…”




In the salon, Anthony looked at the picture in Claire’s hand.


“So this is what you brought me and this is what I gave you…isn’t it?” he said.


“Yes, Anthony,” Claire and Fleabag said together. Defeated.


Outside, Fleabag looked to camera.


“He always does this. We just can’t win with him,” she said.


Claire was on her mobile phone in the background. She walked up to Fleabag: “There’s only one way to guarantee he won’t bamboozle me again. I’m buying the hair salons franchise.”


Fleabag stopped in her tracks.


“How do you have that much money?” she asked.


Claire smiled: “Lots of savings, annual bonuses I never spent, my share of granny’s house…”


They reached Fleabag’s cafe and went inside. 


“Have you thought this through? Running your own business isn’t all fun and games. Look at this place!” Fleabag said, looking around the empty chairs.


Claire nodded. “I know,” she said, “But hair IS everything, isn’t it? I’ve got a lot to organise at the eleven salons, including breaking this to Anthony.”


Fleabag made some tea and handed Claire a cup.


“He’s going to have a melt down!” she said.


Claire sipped her tea and nodded.


“There’s all the compliance stuff, too, from health and safety and data protection to the new Martyn’s Law on public safety expected soon,” she said.


“That’s the law named after the Manchester Arena bombing victim Martyn Hett, isn’t it?” Fleabag said.


“Yes, it has an impact on any public venue with a capacity of 100 or more, including shops and salons. So, between all the franchise salons we’ll definitely fall within the standard tier,” Claire said.


“We’ll need to have detailed risk assessments and proper staff training, and good communication in the event something does happen.”


Fleabag turned to the camera: “So glad my little cafe has a capacity of 20 people plus guinea pigs! Sounds like a mountain of paperwork…”


Claire continued: “Sounds like a mountain of paperwork, I know, but I think I have the answer….Mango.”


Fleabag shrugged: “Secret ingredient for shampoos?”


Claire shook her head: “Online compliance software that keeps everything in the cloud. We can all access documents wherever there’s an internet connection. 


“Anthony’s going to love it!”


Fleabag looked into the camera: “He really won’t!”


“No piles of paper, everything ready if we need an audit trail, and revenge for this awful haircut,” Claire said with a grin.


Fleabag looked to camera: “I haven’t seen her this happy for years! Amazing what a bit of Mango can do!”



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