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Using Mango to manage legal compliance

Compliance Register

The traditional approach to managing legal compliance registers has historically been to use an Excel or Word based document to list legislation. Some organisations are really good at identifying relevant legislation - but a lot of people either list everything and then don't know how it applies to them, or they miss things out. Then there is the challenge of keeping the register up to date, which requires a system.

If you'd like to download a free copy of our list of changes in UK legislation (excluding seperate lists for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) click here.

When combined with a system for keeping up to date with changes in legislation, Mango's compliance register makes it easy to schedule what legislation needs to be reviewed; what controls need to be applied and enables the ability to link through to relevant policies and procedures.

Managing Compliance Tasks

Before Mango, many people evaluate legal compliance with an annual audit. Mango makes it easy to set up audit templates. You can even identify them as being important for legal compliance, which helps to make it really obvious to an assessor that you are keepin up to date with your evaluation.

Spreadsheets are often to provide a visual indication of what legal compliance tasks are due within an organisation. They work well - to a point. What they don’t give you is the automated reminder that tasks are due; they rely on a proactive person logging in and updating details. If multiple people have access to the document there is the added risk of somebody over-writing the latest version.

Mango makes it easy to manage compliance

Mango provides a simple, effective Register and the tools to manage compliance tasks in a simple way.


To see how Mango could be used to help manage legal compliance in your organisation book your online demonstration.

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