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Trademarks are valuable company assets!

All too often, we find that before implementing Mango, most companies haven't really got good control over all of their assets.

Some assets are obvious, physical entities; things like:

  • Access equipment (including keys or fobs)

  • IT equipment

  • Ladders

  • Lifting equipment

  • Machinery

But some assets are less tangible, but no less valuable - indeed, a company's intellectual property may be worth more than some of the physical assets.

If ever you wish to sell your business, the intellectual property may well be of the greatest value to your buyer!

So, what intelluctal assets should you be managing?

  • Copyright materials

  • Trademarks

  • Patents

  • Brand assets such as company websites and logos

But how and where should you manage them?

If you have Mango, then it's easy. You can use the Plant and Equipment module to capture details of the asset, and you can even use the event scheudling capability to ensure that you don't forget something important - like renewing the registration in ten years time.

Mango makes it easy to manage intellectual property assets, alongside any other company assets.

To find out more about how you can use Mango to manage your intellectual property assets, book a free demonstration


If you need specialist help with how to apply for a trademark or anything else related to inetellectual property, we can recommend the specialist services of Indelible IP who we have used to help with some of our own registrations.


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