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The Jury's Out

In our most recent newsletter we highlighted the growth in the demand for Business Continuity Management Systems that meet the requirements of ISO22301 and listed some examples of potential disruptions to a business. Since then, we have encountered an issue that we hadn't previously thought of, although it is certainly something that could happen to any business.

One of our consultants has been called up for Jury Service. This has a major impact with regards to arranging client visits, and, depending on the type of contract that we have with a client, potentially on cash flow. It also appears that a business is unable to claim back out of pocket expenses. So, where we'd planned ahead and booked travel and accommodation at saver rates to secure the best deals, that money is lost. Losing money in this way is not something that any business plans for. It seems that some insurance policies may pay out, but even if that is the case, the business is unable to plan for the long term, as the court is unable to give any idea of the amount of time that jurors will be required for. It might be less than two weeks. But it could be months if the juror is attending a complex murder trial, for example.

From our own point of view, we have learnt that we need to consider this within our own business continuity management (whilst very much hoping not to suffer a similar disruption in the future!)

Further information on jury service can be found on the Government website:

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