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Santa’s always on top of his Elf and Safety!

“SANTA!!” shouted Buddy the Elf.

The department store Santa shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

“That guy really loves Christmas,” he said to his helper Jovie.

She laughed: “He really does!”

It wasn’t long before Buddy had become part of the team.

He helped the children choose their favourite toys and told them stories about the North Pole, Papa Elf, and, of course, Santa himself.

On a break, Jovie passed him a cup of hot chocolate and asked: “How did you end up working here?”

Buddy drained the cocoa and put down the mug.

“It started when Papa elf told me who my real father was and that he was in New York. I knew I needed to come here to find him.”

Jovie’s eyebrows raised.

“Papa Elf? Who else lived at your house? Santa?”

Buddy jumped up and down…


Two days before, Buddy had been sitting with Santa doing his paperwork.

“But WHY do I need to do this, Santa?”

Santa sighed.

“Because, Buddy, we need to do a risk assessment. You’ll be a remote worker and we have to put things in place to ensure we stay on the nice list. If we fail to comply with the regulations about your health and safety and ensure you know our lone working policy, we might end up on the naughty list!”

Buddy shivered.

“Oh, that would be terrible…” he said.

Santa took off his hat and scratched his head.

“Besides, Papa Elf and all the other elves have worked hard to get accreditation for ISO 45001, 14001, 27001, and 9001. We don’t want any incidents which could mean we lose any of our accreditations for quality management, health and safety management, environmental management, and information security management.

“When there was an incident involving a collapsed chair because you’re 6ft 2ins, we made sure it went into the accident book and that changes were made. It helped us develop a special workstation for you.”

Buddy nodded: “OK Santa. I’m ready for my risk assessment and I’m up to date on my training so I know what to do.”

Santa laughed: “Good! And, of course, you can access the Mango software to file any reports or documents that you need to send us, because it’s all in the cloud and you can access it from anywhere with your special device.”

Buddy looked down at the bauble-shaped magical smartphone.

“And I should call in on this every day, so you know I’m OK?”

Santa nodded: “Yes, Buddy. And you can contact us anytime you need to. Be careful down on Earth. Your father’s on the naughty list, you know…”

Buddy sighed.

“I can’t believe it. There must be some mistake. I’m sure that when I get there, with all my Christmas spirit, Dad will get back on that nice list!”

Santa laughed.

“Ho, ho, hope so!”

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