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If your workplace is empty because of the Coronavirus, how secure is your information?

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Thanks to the Coronavirus lockdowns, many workplaces have been left empty or barely used for months.

In some parts of the UK, the official advice has remained: “Work from home if possible.”

That could leave offices and other workplaces with sensitive information vulnerable to unauthorised access.

In our last blog, we looked at how implementing the guidelines in ISO 27001 will help organisations meet their legal duties in dealing with personal data and the security of their networks.

The information security standard also has important guidelines about the physical security of our sites.

What does the information security Standard, ISO 27001 say?

One of the clauses in ISO 27001 looks at the physical security of work premises. The aim is to prevent unauthorised physical access, or damage, and to stop anyone interfering with the organisation’s information and information processing facilities.

This clause says there should be a defined physical perimeter to protect areas which contain sensitive information or the facilities to process it. There should be entry controls to ensure only authorised people have access to the site and security for individual offices and rooms

The standard says physical protections should be designed and put in place against natural disasters, accidents, or malicious attacks.

Your organisation should have procedures in place for working in secure areas, and delivery and loading areas should be isolated from the areas where information processing takes place.

What should your organisation do to protect your site?

It is a good idea to engage a suitably qualified locksmith to audit the security of your premises and recommend extra security arrangements where necessary.


We have a trusted locksmith partner in South Wales who is offering a FREE audit of physical security. This offer is currently limited to companies throughout South Wales. Contact us to take advantage a free physical security audit.


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