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How Anthony and Cleopatra fell in love with Mango…

Cleopatra looked at Mark Anthony and sighed.

“It’s no use,” she said.

“I have to get the grain stores to Ephesus before the rains, but we don’t have enough trained wagon drivers and camel handlers. It’s holding up the whole supply chain.”

She threw down the parchment in frustration.

“It’s never been this bad before. We’ve always been able to train new drivers and ensure they are safe to take the grain supplies, but communication has broken down and now it’s getting too late to ensure they are trained, know the routes, and know how to take care of the grain on the way.”

Mark Anthony stepped back from the balcony.

“What if we get our Roman drivers to train your Egyptian drivers and send a few Romans along the route with them to make sure things go smoothly?”

Cleopatra smiled.

“What a great idea!”

She thought to herself: ‘And I was hoping you’d suggest that!’

Anthony sat down on the bench and picked up the parchment.

“Would 20 Roman drivers be enough?”

Cleopatra nodded.

“Yes, that would be ideal. Look at my table. It’s covered in letters from the various provinces asking me to sort out all sort of logistical issues for them. It’s all-consuming!”

Anthony nodded.

“It’s so difficult to get it right. Even the Roman army has problems with its logistics sometimes.”

Cleopatra laughed.

“The mighty Roman army? I don’t believe it!”

Anthony said: “Believe it! An army needs food, water, weapons, clothing….”

Cleopatra smiled; “I know. I have my own!”

Anthony laughed.

“Oops! For a second there, I forgot you were anything other than the most amazing woman in the world…”

Cleopatra replied: “Nice save!”

She sighed again.

“I so hope that one day, we’ll be able to find a way to keep all of these documents in one place, a way for everyone to find what they need quickly and wherever they are in the Egyptian or Roman world.”

Anthony added: “Something that will help us all to keep on the right side of the Imperial rules, and ensure we have proof we’re doing that when the Empire sends an inspector.”

Cleopatra picked at the fruit on her golden plate.

“Let’s call it Mango,” she said. “I like the sound of it. Cheerful and useful, and good for you!”

She looked up at the sky.

“Wouldn’t it be great if it was, well, everywhere, like the clouds in the sky?”

Anthony smiled: “I love it when you think big!”

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