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Has Santa Got his Supply Chain Management Covered?

There’s a crisis at the North Pole…

Several of the elves must self-isolate after one tested positive for COVID-19.

Thankfully, Santa’s immune and has been away from the elves in quarantine since October, so won’t spread the virus. Phew!

Christmas won’t have to be cancelled.

The problem is, the toy manufacture STILL isn’t finished, and Santa’s worried everything’s falling way behind schedule.

So, he only has one option left: to subcontract some of his toy manufacture to some human companies.

How should Santa manage his supply chain?

Santa should use compliance software like Mango to manage his subcontractors.

It can list the qualifications, competencies, and compliances the manufacturers should have to ensure all the children stay safe. Do they comply with the toy safety standards in ISO 8124?

Santa’s pretty hot on ‘elf and safety’ in the workplace, too, and lots of his girls and boys want toys from manufacturers who treat their staff well. Do the toy companies comply with ISO 45001?

Many children want toys from businesses which care for the environment. Do they comply with ISO 14001?

The compliance software also ensures that tasks are completed to the quality and standards that Santa and the elves impose, with task completion being logged in the system.

It also ensures that contractors are clear about the scope of their work and the deadlines they should meet.

So, using Mango, Santa will be on a full sleigh on Christmas Eve with plenty of toys for girls and boys all over the world.

Having Mango compliance software helps you manage your subcontractors. To arrange a demonstration, call us on 029 2070 3328, email us on or find a time in our calendar to book via Zoom.


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