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Don’t have Mango for your shop? Big mistake…huge!

Vivian adjusted the brim of her hat and sauntered down Rodeo Drive clutching three bags in each hand.

Edward had been very generous. MORE than generous.

She had wonderful, stylish, and expensive clothes. Anything she could want to accompany him to his event.

Edward had also been so funny when he told the shop manager to suck up to her!

The manager had simpered at her: “You do look wonderful in that polka dot dress. I’m going to put Roy Orbison’s Pretty Woman on the record player! It describes you to a tee…”

Edward laughed.

“I have to go, but I’ll see you back at the hotel.”

She nodded.

Now, she realised she was passing the store where the shop assistants had refused to wait on her.

A smile flickered over her lips, and she put her chin out as she pushed the door open.

“Ma’am, how can we help you?”

The same woman who had looked at her like she was dirt on her shoe now couldn’t wait to help her spend money.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” Vivian asked, smiling all the while.

“No, ma’am,” the sales assistant replied.

“You work on commission, don’t you?” Vivian asked.

“Yes, ma’am, we do.”

Vivien smiled again.

“I was in here the other day, and you refused to wait on me.”

She showed the sales assistant her bags.

“Big mistake…huge!”

Vivian was about to walk out of the door when she spotted a huge pile of paperwork on the check-out counter.

“What’s that?” she asked.

The sales assistant shook her head.

“Invoices to be paid, bills to be settled, insurance quotes, stock reports…”

The woman sighed.

“It’s not a surprise that you had a terrible experience with us, ma’am. It’s almost as if we’re just administrators now. We seem to have forgotten how to deal with people properly.”

Vivian nodded.

“Yes, well it was certainly bad. Do you have a computer here yet?”

The sales assistant nodded.

“We just had one delivered and we’re getting to know how to use it. We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to put a lot of this on that computer to save us time. Black Friday is coming up, and we’re bound to be super busy.”

Vivian smiled again.

“I hope so, It is the Eighties, after all! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone came up with computer software to manage your store’s compliance so you and the rest of the staff could access important documents like health and safety records, staff training, and insurance certificates whenever you needed them, wherever you needed them? What would you call that?”

The sales assistant smiled.

“That would be better than the plot of a Hollywood movie, ma’am! I had sliced mango for lunch, so let’s call it Mango…”

Vivian nodded.

“No more piles of paperwork, you stay on top of everything, and you get plenty of time to be charming to the customers.”

The sales assistant held the door open for Vivian.

“Yes, ma’am. Now that would be great for the store owner and fantastic for my commission!”

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