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Do you need Tender Support?

We are often asked to support clients in completing the relevant parts of Invitations to Tender (ITTs) or Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs) when they are bidding for further work. 

Tender support work can include the completion of the relevant sections on the questionnaire through to the creation of any necessary supporting documentation such as:

  • Policy Statements

  • Risk Assessments

  • Organisation Charts

  • Training matrices


It may be that you need help in knowing exactly what is being asked, and how best to answer the question.


Due to each PQQ being structured differently, we find it is often difficult for non-specialists to know exactly what purchasers are looking for.

Obtain a Quote

We can help by working closely with your people to understand how you fulfill the requirements of standards.


In order for us to complete this work accurately on your behalf, we will maintain close dialogue with relevant members of your team.

Once we've assisted with the completion of the PQQ, clients often find that they have good quality templates that can be used towards future submissions.

Each tender support project will be priced individually based on the amount of work required and the urgency of the job.

For a free, no obligation quote, contact us thorough the website today. 

How we have helped other businesses

  • Assisted an electronics manufacturer to secure a £4 million contract with Docklands Light Railway (DLR) with specialist response in relation to how the company would manage the quality, safety and environmental components of the project, including site based audits.

  • Assisted an electrical firm to secure work with a local Council by ensuring they submitted a legally compliant response to an environmental question set.

  • Helped a landscaper tendering for work with the Forestry Commission to develop site specific risk assessments.

  • Helped a construction company secure 40 projects with the pub chain Whetherspoons after revising their risk assessments.

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