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What Is Supply Chain Auditing?

Supply chain audits aim to ensure that all regulations and laws are met in regards to new and existing suppliers for your organisation. 

This audit can be against a particular Standard or a process audit against a pre-arranged audit agenda.


The scope of a supplier audit could include their design, manufacturing, test facilities and ethical practices. 

How We Can Help

Penarth Management can provide a comprehensive service for companies who require vendor audits to be carried out on their behalf.


These second party audits may be to approve a new supplier or to audit an existing supplier. 

All of our auditors have appropriate auditing qualifications and different industry sector experience.

See how Mango can help manage supply chain audits

Get help with auditing the following standards

Benefits of Supply Chain Auditing

Recover the cost of poor quality

Improve supplier communication

Increased customer satisfaction

Improved risk management

Identify areas of unethical sourcing

Provide precision

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