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Level 2 Award in H&S in the workplace

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The course provides essential knowledge and understanding of health and safety for employees working in any sector of business and will enable them to contribute to the overall health and safety in the workplace.


This course will be beneficial to anyone preparing to return to work or already in a workplace. 

Course details:

Learning Outcomes:

Duration and fees:

This course lasts 1 days, and costs  £250 + VAT per person.

  • Health & Safety at work/Health & Safety law

  • Prevention of accidents and ill health

  • Risk assessment/First aid at work

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Workplace Health, Safety and welfare

  • Work equipment/Electricity/Fire prevention

  • Occupational Health/Hazardous substances

  • Ergonomics and workstation design

  • Manual handling/Noise and vibration

  • Transport at work

  • Working at height


Satisfactory completion of the course will be recognised by the award of a certificate.


The course will be assessed by a 30 question multi-choice examination. 

All successful candidates will receive the nationally recognised Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace qualification.

By the end of the day delegates will:

  • Know that Health and Safety is the responsibility of everyone within a business

  • Have an awareness of legislative requirements for Health and Safety in the workplace

  • Understand that everyone within a business has responsibilities for the Health and Safety of themselves and those affected by their work activities

  • Understand the importance of preventing and reporting accidents

  • Understand the concepts and benefits of risk assessment

  • Be able to identify common occupational hazards and their controls

  • Know and understand how the conditions in a workplace can present hazards and cause accidents

  • Know and understand the meaning of the term 'welfare provision at work', the importance of personal hygiene and the facilities required to ensure personal hygiene and health

  • Know and understand the meanings of different types of safety signs and the hazards that they indicate

  • Know and understand the importance of the provision of first aid equipment, facilities and procedures and the role of trained first aid personnel

  • Know and understand the types of personal protective equipment available and the hazards against which they provide protection

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