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What is legal compliance?

Legal compliance refers to your organisations efforts at keeping up to date with laws and regulations that affect your business. 

This is important to manage so that your organisation does not get fined or get a bad reputation for themselves in the public eye. 

Managing legal compliance will also mean you can win more stakeholders and clients as they will be assured that you comply with standards and are certified where needed.

How we can help

Penarth Management has considerable experience with Health and Safety and Environmental Legislation across a wide variety of industry sectors. 


We help to ensure compliance with respective ISO 45001 Health & Safety and ISO14001 Environmental management systems.

See how Mango can help with health and safety

Other health and safety services:

Legal Updating Service

Our legal compliance updating service is carried out by a dedicated consultant to ensure a full understanding of your organisation’s legal obligations is attained.


This ensures that we only identify legislation that is relevant to an individual organisation.

The service typically includes:

  • An initial on-site review of your processes to determine what legislation applies 

  • The production of a Legal Register for your organisation

  • A quarterly update of the Legal Register and a summary letter explaining the changes

  • Discussing any changes in legislation, how it impacts on your organisation, and agreeing how such changes will be managed. 

If updated legislation is not relevant, Penarth Management will send written confirmation that there is no change to the current Legal Register.

Evaluation of Legal Compliance

To retain certification, it is important that an organisation doesn't just know what legislation applies, but can demonstrate that it is compliant.


To that end, we offer an evaluation of legal compliance service.


Depending on the requirements of the organisation, this can include:​

  • Annual on site evaluation of legal compliance, which will involve an in-depth look at your compliance and leave you with a detailed report

  • Introduction of Mango for collaborative working so we can assist you with your legal compliance requirements, even when we're not there!

  • Monitoring of progress towards legal compliance tasks (and giving you the necessary reminders to help you stay compliant)

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