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What Is an Internal Audit?

Once a Management System has been implemented, one of the essential requirements is to carry out internal audits. 


These audits are extremely powerful as they provide an opportunity to involve people from all parts of the business.

Internal audits should be carried out by people who are independent of the activity being audited.


Many businesses therefore choose to outsource the internal auditing to specialist consultants. 

How We Can Help

Penarth Management has a team of suitably qualified auditors who are able to assist you with carrying out internal audits on all types of Management Systems, including:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality

  • ISO 14001 – Environmental 

  • ISO 45001 – Health & Safety

Click request a demo to get assistance in preparing an internal audit schedule that will meet specific requirements. 

See how Mango can help manage Internal Audits

Get audited against the following standards

Benefits of Using Internal Audits

Independent Review

Involve various people within the business

Confidence that you meet standards

Reduce the cost of non conformance

Improve efficiencies in operations 

Establish monitoring procedures

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