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What Are Integrated Management Systems?

Integrated Management Systems describes a management system for businesses that conform to more than one Standard. 

Many organisations who are compliant with multiple standards, unfortunately manage these in a 'standalone' fashion, which is a big mistake. 

Integrating your management systems (using software) will allow you to streamline quality, environmental and health and safety systems.

How To Integrate Your Management Systems?

If you need assistance integrating your management systems, fill out a request a demo form. 


The team at Penarth will then examine which standards you wish to integrate, and determine how Mango Compliance Software will be beneficial for you when integrating these standards. 

Benefits of Integrated Management Systems

Reduce duplication

Increased transparency across systems

Cost savings

Decreased administration time

More time to focus on improvements

Increase the ease of educating staff 

Why Integrate Your Management Systems?

Where management wish to comply with at least two ISO Standards and there is sufficient commonality to justify integrating these, you should implement an integrated system. 


For example, the requirements for the following are the same in each of the standards:

  • Auditing, logging and correcting problems

  • Management review

  • Continual improvement of the business


By having an integrated system, much duplication of management effort can be avoided.

What Systems Should You Integrate?

If you are implementing a Quality Management System (QMS), it is advised that you integrate this with your Environmental Management System (EMS) and Health and Safety System. 


Inevitably, you will want to comply with all of these Standards at some time in the future.  It is more economical to tackle the three at once rather than undertake one each year. 

It is also recommended to integrated various quality management standards, such as ISO 13485 (medical devices management) and ISO 9001. 

Watch this highly requested webinar with Craig Thornton from Mango Limited explain how you can use this software to integrate your management systems. 

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