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What is Gap Analysis?

A Gap Analysis enables an organisation to establish the requirements to meet particular objectives, such as: 


  • Implementing a particular Management System

  • Identifying which requirements are already in place

  • Identifying what needs to be done to address any shortfall 


This process enables an organisation to determine the scope of the work required to achieve the stated objective and estimate the time and resources required.

How we can help:

If you need assistance carrying out a gap analysis, fill out a request a demo form. We can help by: 

  • Examining existing working methods and performance against standards

  • Producing a written report detailing any relevant findings

  • Making recommendations for areas to be addressed in order to meet legal requirements

  • Advising on any additions to current practices

  • Presenting findings to the senior management team and nominated representatives

  • Ensuring the initial gap analysis results are reviewed and a strategy is agreed upon across the organisation 

Benefits of Gap Analysis

Peace of mind

Coordinated approach

Increase production and performance

Save money and time

Demonstrate conformance to auditors

Meet legal and other requirements

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