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Environmental Awareness

The first step in working towards ISO14001 is to raise awareness within your business. Many of your staff will already lean towards being environmentally responsible at home and it is stimulating and rewarding to apply best practices while at work.

We offer a training session that is tailored to the particular business and aimed at the appropriate level from operatives through to senior management.


Who should attend?

Duration and Fees

For most people a 30-40 minutes talk is sufficient to raise environmental awareness without the subject becoming boring or too detailed.

This session can be run several times during the day to enable all to attend without disrupting the normal work routine.

Fees depend on the total time on site and the number of booklets that are required.

The Environmental Awareness Session is intended to be an introduction and is suitable for all levels of staff.

We come in for a short visit to discuss your processes and help you decide where the main focus should be.


  • A quick quiz is held at the beginning and later staff mark their own paper against model answers. The questions and answers stimulate interest and set the scene.

  • For all staff we cover the general topics of saving energy and minimising waste.

  • We talk about your company's legal duties to segregate waste and dispose of it properly and invite audience participation to discuss how this can be improved in their area.

  • For particular groups we may then explore more technical issues and discuss opportunities for environmental improvements in their areas of work.

An A5 booklet is prepared specifically for the business, making it relevant to your processes and incorporating your logo. A copy is distributed to each person and extra copies left for new recruits or those who were not available on the day. Clients with an intranet can have the booklet in electronic form for display on screen.

Next Public Courses

There are currently no upcoming courses for this event. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

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