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What Is a Compliance Manager?

A compliance manager will ensure that a business is following and complying with all ethical and legal requirements. 

Some businesses will have an employee within their organisation dedicated to this role, but for smaller organisations, this is often not the case. 

If your company does not employ a compliance manager and you are seeking an external professional to take on this role for you, Penarth Management can help. 

How We Can Help

If you need assistance from a compliance manager to keep on top of all your ISO Standards and other legal requirements, click the request a demo button. 


The team at Penarth will then examine which standards you need to comply with and determine which of our compliance consultants will be best suited to your needs.

Benefits of Using a Compliance Manager

Reduce legal and financial risk

Decreased administration time

Cost and time savings

Confidence that you will meet standards

Reduce employee responsibilities 

Years of experience and knowledge to be used

Penarth can maintain your quality management systems by: 

  1. Carrying out internal audits

  2. Running Management Quality Review Meetings

  3. Attending the surveillance visits 

  4. Settling any issues raised by customers or by your Certification body.

Penarth can deal with any matters raised by the environment agency and local authority.


We will also help: 

  1. Carry out environmental audits

  2. Run environmental management meetings

Penarth can assist you by: 

  1. Acting as your safety advisors

  2. Writing and reviewing risk assessments and method statements

  3. Covering any issue raised by the HSE and your assessing body

  4. Driving and road safety management

Penarth can assist you by: 

  1. ​Making sure you handle information responsibly and in accordance with the contractual requirements

  2. Ensuring you have a secure environment in which people deal with sensitive information

For those producing and handling food, we offer audits in accordance with: 

  • BRC 

  • ISO 22000 Standard

This will ensure that you meet legal food requirements, and give all suppliers and customers the confidence they need to do business with you. 

Legal Compliance Managers

In addition to ensuring compliance with the Standards mentioned above, we will make sure:

  • Vehicles are taxed and MOT'd on the due date

  • VAT and tax deadlines are met

  • You fulfill staff welfare requirements 

  • Your organisation takes a responsible attitude towards its corporate social responsibility

Starting from as little as one day a month

Contact us to find out more about our Compliance Manager Service
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