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What is BS8900 Sustainability?

Apart from it being good business practice to plan sustainability into more activities, there is a compelling need to address this subject if applying for European or UK grant-aided support for projects.

BS8900 is designed to help organisations develop an approach to sustainable development that will continue to evolve and adapt to meet new and continuing challenges and demands. It offers clear practical advice with which to make a meaningful contribution to sustainable development.

This Standard guides organisations towards effective management of their impact on society and the environment, along the route to enhanced organisational performance and success.

See how Mango can help manage Sustainability

Penarth Management has experience working with organisations to carry out research on sustainability and implementing a system that meets the requirements of BS8900.

Why is it Important to be Sustainable? 

Business sustainability is important to all organisations for many reasons. It will help win stakeholders for business as it provides them with a useful tool to assess and engage in improving organisational performance.

Your business can do this in many ways, whether this be through environmental sustainability, or product sustainability. 

You can find out more information by checking out our Corporate Social Responsibility services. 

BS8900-2:2013 is Designed To:

Provide a framework so organisations can take a structured approach to sustainable development by considering social, environmental and economic impacts of their organisation's activities.


Be applicable to all organisations, in terms of size or type - including Universities and Printers



Help organisations connect existing technical, social and environmental standards. Both formal (ISO14000) and private (GRI and the AA1000)

Benefits of BS8900 Sustainability Certification

Adjust to changing social expectations

Confidence that you meet regulations

Improve organisational performance

Increased stakeholder trust 

Manage sustainable developmental issues

Improved reputation and customer loyalty

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