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Accident Scene

Management Training

Should an accident occur then the scene of that accident will contain evidence which could be vital to any subsequent investigation, be that criminal or civil. 

Yet this crucial evidence, in effect the investigation’s foundations, is inherently fragile and could be lost forever if scene examination is delayed awaiting the arrival of an external specialist.

Make no mistake: time is of the essence if evidence is to be protected!

Course details:

Who should attend?

Duration and fees:

This course lasts 1 day, and costs  £325 + VAT per person.

The course has been specifically designed for those at director and senior management level because these are the people - you and your colleagues - who risk being held personally responsible for the company's alleged Health and Safety failings.  And the situation will not be helped if there is a lack of evidence available to support a legal defence.

It's also important to understand that, because of a legal principle called the "reverse burden of proof", companies charged with a breach of Health and Safety have to prove themselves innocent instead of having to be proved guilty.  Preserving crucial evidence as soon as possible after the accident is often a vital part of such a defence.

Setting the scene:
Managers/ directors will:

  • Understand the critical need to preserve and protect evidence 

  • Gain sufficient knowledge for them to manage the accident scene effectively

  • Appreciate the different types of evidence that may be available 

  • Understand how evidence can be identified, preserved and later analysed to build a defence case

Why investigate?
Background legislation:

  • Duty of care

  • Reverse burden of proof

  • Section 37 prosecutions

  • Corporate manslaughter

  • RIDDOR 2013

Why you’re on your own...

Legal professional privilege

Investigation records

How big a team?

Using internal/ external support – which approach is best?

Examining the accident scene

Taking samples

Documentary evidence

Interviewing witnesses (overview)

Root cause analysis (overview)

The report

Learning Outcomes:

Delegates will learn techniques for practical scene management, procedures which they can put into place within minutes of the accident occurring so as to protect that essential evidence – evidence which could make the difference between a heavy fine and an acquittal.


Satisfactory completion of the course will be recognised by the award of a certificate.

Next Public Courses

There are currently no upcoming courses for this event. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

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