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How the Queen of Hearts discovered Mango in Wonderland

The Queen of Hearts sighed.

The garden was full of white roses with thorns…and she wanted red roses without thorns. And she ALWAYS got what she wanted!

Now, the card soldiers were painting the roses red…slopping paint all over the paths and pricking their thumbs in the process.

The Two of Hearts slipped on the paint and sprained his ankle. The Eight of Diamonds even had to get a tetanus injection.

She sighed again. More entries for the accident book.

Why couldn’t the Knave of Hearts organise things better than this? Why couldn’t they plant the RIGHT roses and not have another health and safety risk on the garden? After all, they already had certification for ISO 45001, the standard for health and safety management.

And where had that knave put the accident book?

The Queen was already in a bad mood when she took one look at Alice and decided she didn’t like her.

“Off with her head!” she cried.

The King took the Queen’s hand and said: “She’s only a child, my dear…”

“Besides,” said Alice, “I can see you have a lot on your plate when it comes to managing your army’s health and safety and I have some ideas…”

The Queen was intrigued.

“What do you mean, child? Tell me now!” she said.

Alice smiled. “Mango. It’s the perfect way for a large organisation like yours to keep on top of all your legal duties. Your card soldiers will be able to access your policies wherever they are, and you’ll NEVER have to worry about where the accident book is…”

The Queen looked around the garden at the paint-spattered flamingoes, slipping cards, and thought: “Something has to change!”

“Very well,” she said.

“Talk to the Knave of Hearts about this Mango…How quickly do you think we could get the system running?”

The Knave cleared his throat…

“I’m sure we could switch from our paper system to Mango in a few weeks, You Majesty,” he said.

“Good!” the Queen said.

Then, she turned back to Alice: “Now grab a flamingo girl. Anyone for croquet?”

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