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Other Services


Penarth Management offers consulting services in the following areas:

ISO 22301:2012 Business Continuity

What would you do? Early one morning you receive a call; it is the first person into the office and they have found a real mess. The office has been burgled, there is paperwork scattered all over the floor, and the computers have been stolen. After initial thoughts of anger and frustration inevitably you will find yourself asking "how is this going to affect the business?" Typically the answer will be a lot more than you would think!

Experience shows that the biggest problem will not be an inability to continue the day to day operations of the business, at least in the short term. The effect that a break in, flood, fire or other disaster can have is usually most evident in what it does to cash flow. To put things right you have to start spending money, the faster you spend it the faster things are back to normal. In many cases to get speed you need to pay over the odds. Yes, this is money that you may get back somewhere down the track from an insurance company, but when and how much is often disappointing.

Penarth Management offers a cost effective audit based service to help any business understand the risks they face, and identify the steps they need to take to prepare for the unexpected. Our proven approach allows us to work with you to quickly highlight IT and administrative procedures that put you at risk, and then develop a plan of actions that will minimise these risks.

One key area of focus for this service is IT, as businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on technology often without realising the extent. Equipment does not have to be stolen or damaged in a major event like a fire, a failed hard disk in a critical machine can as easily leave a company crippled,  inability to access orders, email or accounting systems can have a serious effect on your business. Recovery of the machine and the data becomes the main objective, but where do you start? Where are you going to source replacement equipment from? Do you know where the software, licence keys and backup data are? Who is going to do the work rebuilding the equipment? The more answers you know in advance the faster you will recover the situation. Penarth Management will help you identity the questions and find the answers.

There is a  Standard, ISO22301 Business Continuity Management which sets out the principles of which will ensure that disasters are overcome systematically and efficiently. Penarth Management can help you implement such a system if required.


Compliance Manager

Penarth Management offer a service of covering all your responsibilities. They may include:

ISO9001 Quality Management: Maintaining your Quality Management System by carrying out all internal audits, running the Management Quality Review Meetings, attending the surveillance visits and settling any issues raised by customers or by your Certification body.

ISO14001 Environmental Management: Running your Environmental Management System to cover the topics mention above, and dealing with any matters raised by the Environment Agency and local authority.

ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management: Acting as your safety advisors, writing and periodically reviewing risk assessments and method statements and covering any issue raised by the HSE and your assessing body similar to the above. Driving and road safety are included in this section.

ISO 27001 Information Security: Making sure you handle information responsibly and in accordance with the contractual requirements and that you have a secure environment in which people deal with sensitive information.

ISO 22000 Food Safety: For those producing and handling food, we offer audits in accordance with BRC or the ISO22000 Standard.

Legal Compliance: In addition to ensuring compliance with the Standards mentioned above, we will make sure vehicles are taxed and MOT'd on the due date, that VAT and tax deadlines are met, that you fulfil staff welfare requirements, and that your organisation takes a responsible attitude towards its corporate responsibility.

How it works

You are assigned an experienced consultant. He or she visits you regularly and reviews progress, audits the entire system, draws attention to deficiencies and either rectifies them or agrees a plan for remedial action if the matter cannot be fixed right away. By frequent and regular visits, your systems are kept up to date and your staff motivated to comply with the ever increasing legislation and regulations that affect businesses large and small. The fee structure is agreed in advance and depends upon on the complexity of your business. It is then fixed for a 24 month period and paid by monthly standing order.

The First Step

We visit and complete a check list that enables us to judge the scope of work and time needed to keep your systems up to date. We quote a price and if agreed you sign a contract and set up a direct debit. There is no charge for this first visit.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

ISO 26000

ISO 26000 encourages organisations to be operate in an ethical and transparent way so as to contribute to the health and welfare of society.
The Standard covers the following areas:

  • Corporate Governance

  • Human rights

  • Labour practices

  • The environment

  • Fair operational practices

  • Consumer issues

  • Community involvement and development

SA8000 Social Accountability 

SA8000 (Social Accountability 8000) is the global Standard for Managing Human Rights in the workplace and improving working conditions. A copy of the Standard can be downloaded free of charge here.

It was developed by Social Accountability International in 1997 (revised 2001 and 2008) and is derived from various conventions, including the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention of Rights of the Child.

The Standard covers the following areas in detail:

  • Child labour

  • Forced labour

  • Workplace health and safety

  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

  • Discrimination

  • Disciplinary practices

  • Working hours

  • Remuneration

  • Management Systems

SA8000 is an auditable certification Standard which can be assessed by a Certification Body approved by the Social Accountability Accreditation Services. It is suitable for use in any organisation, of any size, worldwide.

Certification to SA8000 brings well evidenced benefits to:

  • Business

  • Workers, Trade Unions and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO)

  • Consumers and Investors

Penarth Management can assist you in identifying how well you meet the requirements already or to implement any additional processes that may be required in order to achieve compliance to SA8000.
"...to give independent third party correlation of our efforts on people, dealing with the multi-nationals; we get varying weights of PQQ's to fill in on which the predictable questions have always been "do you have a Quality System", "an Environmental Policy" etc. Now, large corporate clients also include questions about Social Accountability compliance to avoid the wrong sort of PR (in some ways, potentially worse than most ISO non-compliance issues.)  So how much nicer to say that we are fully compliant!"

Chris Craggs, Managing Director, McFarlane Telfer, Maidenhead.