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Information Security 


Penarth Management offers security consulting services in the following areas:


Information Security and ISO 27001

There is an increasing need for businesses to be able to demonstrate that the information they hold for their own business purposes is secure. More importantly, information that they manipulate in the course of work for their clients and customers must be sufficiently secure to avoid breach of contract or damage to goodwill.

Cyber Essentials: 

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed, industry supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber attacks. Achieving Cyber Essentials can be a cost effective way of demonstrating that a company has met a recognised level of controls around information technology, and it is increasingly being demanded as a minimum requirement for Government contracts.

How we can help:

Penarth Management Limited has been involved in assisting clients to achieve satisfactory certification to ISO27001, and its predecessor BS7799, for several years and has worked in the following sectors:

  • Military

  • Agriculture

  • Government departments

  • IT

  • Public bodies

  • ​Software

  • Utilities 

Examples of the need for secure information stretches far beyond complying with the Data Protection legislation and includes intellectual property, copyright material, credit card data, and the legal admissibility of electronic records when extracted for adjudication in the Courts. In cattle breeding and crop development records are particularly valuable assets.

Our team include specialists with qualifications and past experience as assessors of ISO27001 so we can provide guidance that is sufficient for satisfactory certification without creating a system that is too complex.