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Environmental Services


Environmental Management Systems ISO14001 and EMAS

Environmental Management Systems

Consultancy Support for ISO 14001

If you wish to achieve certification with our help, we carry out an environmental survey to determine:

  • The relevant environmental Regulations

  • The environmental impacts of your operations

We then research and write the:

  • Register of relevant Statutory Legislation

  • Register of Environmental Aspects

  • Discuss the Aspects with the management team and develop the Environmental Policy, including objectives and targets

  • Decide what environmental Procedures are required, and help write them

  • Write the Environmental Manual

  • Help with the implementation of the above

  • Audit compliance with the Manual and Procedures in association with the company's own internal environmental auditors

  • Train the people chosen to be internal environmental auditors

  • Revise the Manual and Procedures as necessary

  • (For EMAS, draft the Environmental Statement.)

  • If required, seek competitive quotes for Assessment from several Assessment bodies although you may finally prefer to engage your existing ISO14001 Assessor

  • Carry out an audit of key areas immediately prior to Assessment

  • Be available at the time of the Assessment to support the management team

  • Assist with any corrective actions

It is assumed that, as far as possible, you will use the administrative parts of your quality system to administer the environmental system (e.g. document control, management review, non-conformities and corrective action, internal auditing, and training records).

We assist your company from the start of work to the day of the Assessment. 

Penarth Management has experienced consultants who have taken clients from the first step to successful certification.

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Environmental Reviews

Are you sure you are complying with the relevant environmental legislation?

Do you know the environmental impact of your activities?

Do you want to improve your environmental performance?

Penarth Management has considerable experience in carrying out Environmental Reviews for client companies.

A review comprises one day on site, followed by the writing of a confidential report which is presented to the client as a basis for discussion. 

  • Client's current environmental status

  • Environmental legislation

  • Licences and Consents

  • Emissions, effluents and wastes

  • Compliance with statutory legislation

Topics Covered Include:

  • Environmental effects 

  • Energy and water management

  • Product and packaging

  • Storage

  • Site conditions

  • Fire and other emergencies

  • Community effects (traffic, noise)

  • Suppliers

  • Control of contractors

  • Action Plans



BS 8555 - A Phased Approach to ISO14001 Environmental Management

Some managements have a desire to become registered to ISO14001, but feel that tackling this as a single project could be daunting. Usually this is because they feel they cannot commit the resources needed within a sensible timescale.

An alternative route is to use the model set out in BS8555:2003. This divides the development process into six stages. The sixth stage is the formal external assessment for ISO14001 and leads to registration.

However, each of the five preceding stages can, if you wish, be externally audited so that there is independent evidence of the progress being made in improving environmental management.


This can give improved credibility with customers, for example, without having to wait for the full ISO14001 certificate. See the 6 stages below. 

Stage 1: Commitment and Establishing the Baseline

Top management commits to the project.


A 'Baseline Assessment' establishes where the organisation is in relation to environmental aspects, impacts, legislation and legislative compliance. It will help define the scope of the environmental management system and identify the key elements of environmental performance.

Stage 3: Develop Objectives, Targets & Programmes

Using the information from the Baseline Assessment (stage 1) regarding environmental aspects and impacts, identify where environmental improvements can be made, set targets and implementation programmes.

Where necessary, introduce operational control procedures.

Update the Environmental Policy.

Stage 5: Checking, Audit and Review 

Select and train internal auditors.

Create an audit programme to embrace the whole environmental management system.

Carry out the audits.

Report back and correct any nonconformances.

Set up formal Management Review meetings.

Review the progress of the improvement programme.

Stage 2: Identify & Ensure Compliance with Legal & Other Requirements 

Identify relevant environmental legal requirements and any other requirements which the business must observe, e.g. codes of practice.


Check that the business is complying with the requirements.


Establish the controls needed to maintain ongoing compliance.

Stage 4: Implementation and Operation

Define management responsibilities.

Training, competence, and awareness plans.

Communication, both internally and externally.

Documentation, e.g. Manual.

Emergency preparedness and testing.

Develop Performance Indicators where possible.

Stage 6: External


Select an external Assessing Body.

Check that all corrective actions which have arisen in the earlier stages have been dealt with.

Formal assessment leading to registration to ISO14001.

If you think this phased approach is your choice, Penarth Management can offer flexible support as and when you need it.


BS EN ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management Systems

For many organisations that have implemented a formal Environmental Management System, one of the most significant aspects is that of Energy.


As well as being significant from an environmental perspective, the financial cost of using high levels of energy can seriously impact on the profitability of organisations. In addition to these factors, legislation is changing all the time and is placing greater pressure on organisations.

This Standard has been introduced in order to help organisations to develop a structured framework for the systematic management of energy.  It is entirely compatible with ISO14001, indeed, BS EN ISO 5001:2018 Energy Management Systems follows a very similar structure, thereby making the integration as simple as possible for those organisations that already have an environmental management system.

The Standard specifies requirements for an Energy Management System to identify significant areas of energy consumption and to target energy reductions.


  • Reduced costs

  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions

  • Improved compliance with legislation

  • Increased awareness within the workforce of the need for energy conservation

  • Better promotion of energy management at boardroom level

  • Greater security of energy supplies

Do you need a copy of the standard?

Want to know more about how we can help your organisation?


Chain of Custody

Penarth Management commits itself to assist the company from the start of work to the day of the assessment and beyond. Penarth Management currently have several experienced consultants who have taken clients through FSC and PEFC certification.

The FSC Chain of Custody is an information trail about the path taken by products from the forest or, in the case of recycled materials, from the reclamation site to the consumer including each stage of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution where progress to the next stage of the supply chain involves a chain of ownership.

The FSC Standard ensures a management system is in place to provide a credible guarantee to customers that products sold with a FSC certificate code are originating from well managed forests, controlled sources, reclaimed materials or a mixture of these.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

By achieving the requirements of FSC, companies can demonstrate they are not contributing to global forest destruction. FSC products are managed to ensure sustainability of long term supplies while protecting the environment.

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC)

Consumers in growing numbers are seeking evidence of environmentally sound business practices and demand reassurance and proof from forest based industries that the wood they use comes from sustainable sources. This Standard provides such a mechanism.

  • The organisation shall operate a management system which ensures implementation and maintenance of the secure chain of custody. 

  • There must be a nominated person to ensure compliance with the Standard.

  • There must be documented procedures showing how the chain of custody is maintained.

  • Senior management shall carry out regular review of the chain of custody and its compliance with the standard.

  • The responsibilities of key personnel identified to carry out work relating to the maintenance of the chain of custody shall be identified.

  • Staff must receive adequate training and records must be kept.

  • There must be records for production, purchase, sales, training records, internal audits etc. for at least 5 years.

  • Adequate technical facilities shall be identified, provided and maintained.

PEFC Requirements


Packaging Regulations

If your turnover is in excess of £2 million have you recently received an enquiry from the Environment Agency requiring information on the amount of packaging handled?

It is an offence not to provide this information. If you handle more than 50 tonnes of packaging you will need to comply with the requirements of the Producer Responsibility (Packaging Waste) Regulations.

The legislation is complex and you will almost certainly require assistance to meet your obligations.

If your company:

  • Manufactures packaging material

  • Produces packaging

  • Fills packaging

  • Sells packaged goods

  • Imports packaging

and handles more than 50 tonnes of packaging...

Maybe you already have a sound system. If this needs checking and bringing up to date, we can help you.


The WEEE Directive

Regulations are in force that govern the end-of-life disposal of electrical and electronic equipment. These affect firms who manufacture or import electrical and electronic equipment. Installers, such as electrical contractors, are also likely to be affected.

Penarth Management Offers to bring firms up to date with the following services:

Awareness Seminar

This lasts about one hour and provides an overview of the Regulations followed by an open forum where the participants can discuss with the experts any matters that have arisen and in general terms how this may be applied in their business. 

Directors and senior staff who need to know how this will impact on their business should attend this seminar. 


These are planned for groups of people who have to consider contractual matters and plan changes within their business. Each will last about three hours.

Environmental Managers, Product Development Managers should attend. 

Consultancy Advice:

For those businesses that do not have the internal resources, we offer to come in and review their requirements, advise on what should be done and provide continual support to ensure adverse impact on the business is minimised.

If you think any of these services will be beneficial to your organisation, please get in contact with us.